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Health Center Patient Survey

The Health Center Patient Survey (HCPS) provides valuable data about patients’ experiences with the comprehensive care services they receive at HRSA-funded health centers. The HCPS is a sample-based survey conducted through one-on-one interviews designed to be nationally representative of the Health Center Program patient population. HCPS data assist HRSA, health centers, and other Health Center Program stakeholders in better understanding patients’ experience and satisfaction with care receipt, health care needs, factors that contribute to care access and the extent to which the Health Center Program meets those needs. The most recent survey was conducted in 2022, preceded by the 2014 survey.

2022 Health Center Patient Survey Dashboard

View the interactive 2022 HCPS Dashboard to produce charts and tables with 2022 or 2014 survey data. Also view instructions and video tutorials on how to use the dashboard, including how to conduct data analyses and generate data visualizations.

Public Use Files (PUF)

Read the 2022 HCPS PUF disclosure statement.

Download all PUF file types - SPSS, Stata, R, CSV, SAS, SAS formats catalog 32-bit, SAS formats catalog 64-bit.

Note: The 2022 HCPS PUF contains 465 variables for statistical reporting and analysis purposes. The 2022 HCPS Codebook shows variable names, labels, and frequencies of variables included in the PUF.

For additional reference: 2014 PUF and Codebook

2022 Health Center Patient Survey User Manual

Use the 2022 HCPS User Manual as a reference on survey methodology for statistical analysis.

For additional reference: 2014 HCPS User Manual.

Survey Questionnaire

Access the 2022 HCPS Survey questionnaire, the instrument used to collect 2022 data on a wide range of health center issues including chronic conditions and preventive measures.