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How-To Videos

How-to Videos

Data Explorer

Dec 16, 2020

A walkthrough of creating a custom data query using the Data Explorer tool.


Find a Health Center Locator Tool

Aug 28, 2018

This video explains how to find a health center in an area near you as well as how to export your results to an Excel spreadsheet or PDF.


Finding and Exploring Shortage Areas

Apr 17, 2020

A combined video on “finding and exploring shortage areas ” to focus on HPSA Find, MUA Find, Shortage Area by Address, and the HPSA/MUA dashboards.


HRSA Fact Sheets

Apr 17, 2020

The HRSA Fact Sheets are handy one-page PDFs summarizing a wide variety of HRSA activities.



Sep 12, 2018

HRSA’s new Open Data website,, allows you to access data on Health Centers, Grants, Shortage Areas, Organ Donation, and from other HRSA programs. The entire site was re-organized for easier navigation, and is also mobile-friendly.


Introducing HRSA Health Care and Service Delivery Sites Dashboard

May 4, 2023

This video provides a demonstration on how to utilize the features of the dashboard to access location of sites funded by or participating in HRSA related programs by state, county and congressional districts.


The new HRSA Data Warehouse Homepage

Jul 20, 2023

Walkthrough of the new home page.


Recorded Webinars

Webinar: Custom Map Tool

Nov 1, 2019

An overview of the HRSA data warehouse and our Web site, including some of the improvements made over the last year, and a demonstration of our new Map Tool.


Webinar: Data Explorer Tool

Aug 19, 2019

Bayard Catron explains the features of the new Data Explorer. Rita Feehan provides a demonstration of the Data Explorer.


Webinar: HRSA Data Warehouse Training

Feb 11, 2021

Overview and demonstration of HRSA Data Warehouse.


Webinar: Introduction to

Mar 20, 2019

Video tutorial of the HRSA Data Warehouse.


Webinar: Widgets, Dashboards and Fact Sheets

Apr 17, 2020


Webinar: Workforce Projections Dashboard

September 21, 2021

This video explains how to utilize the Health Workforce Projections Tool, an interactive tool the National Center for Health Workforce Analysis (NCHWA) has developed based on its Health Workforce Simulation Model.