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Web Services Registration

Detailed instructions for using web services will be sent via email after the registration is submitted. This email will include a link required to confirm and activate the registration.

Register for Access:

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Primary Contact:

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Web Services Registration Information

What the expects from users:

  • Notify the HDW of any contact change. Users should email changes to
  • The data warehouse may periodically request registered users to verify point of contact information.

What users can expect from the HDW:

  • Notify users of planned or pending changes to those services that may affect applications
  • Notify users of planned server outages
  • Notify users of new services as they become available

Internet Domain

The internet domain is used to ensure that requests come from expected sources. The service will log the domain from which each request is sent.

Domains cannot include wildcards, and only one domain can be listed per registration. Registering “” will create a token that is expected to be used from “” only. Each domain must have its own token.

Alternate Point of Contact

By requiring two points of contact, the HDW is attempting to improve the chances that we will be able to contact a token owner in both routine and unusual circumstances. The “dual ownership” model enables HDW to account for:

  • Situations where one point of contact no longer applies, such as when a point of contact has left an organization or has taken a new assignment
  • Situations where one point of contact is unavailable (e.g. on vacation or extended leave) and there is a pressing reason to contact them related to token administration

This is important if unusual and potentially malicious use of a token has been detected. The HDW will attempt to reach the registered owners of the token in question to verify the activity before disabling the token. Two points of contact increases the ability to verify activity so that a token is not disabled without notice, affecting applications and end users.