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2019-2020 County Level Data

2019-2020 State and National Level Data

Note: Please contact for technical questions about the Area Health Resources Files (AHRF) data. Historical data are available for some variables in the AHRF county level data file. Please review the AHRF Technical Documentation (excel) for a list of variables and years included in the published data file.

2018-2019 County Level Data

2018-2019 State and National Level Data

Active Grants 1

Awarded Grants 2

The total grant dollars shown include the Bureau of Health Workforce (BHW) loan grants – revolving loan programs that enable educational institutions to provide student loans for medical professions.

1. An active grant is defined by HRSA as a grant whose project period end date is beyond the current date. Grants can be active whether or not they have received an award funding in the current fiscal year.

2. ! Note about FY 2021 awards: FY 2021 data is preliminary and not yet complete as it reflects current Fiscal Year to date funding.

Note: The city and state are the only address components for domestic violence shelters (the building number, street name, and ZIP Code are suppressed and will be empty).

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Participant Summary Information

Participants Demographics Information

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National Health Service Corps (NHSC) Job Opportunities

National Health Service Corps (NHSC) Sites

Nurse Corps Loan Repayors

Nurse Corps Scholar Graduates Serving in Field

Nurse Corps Scholars in School

FY 2019 NHSC Field Strength

FY 2020 NHSC Field Strength

FY 2019 Nurse Corps Field Strength

FY 2020 Nurse Corps Field Strength

Ryan White HIV/AIDS Recipients and Sub–Recipients

Note: Please contact for technical questions about the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Compass Dashboard. Please review the RSR and ADR reports and Technical Notes for more information about the variables and years included in the published data file.