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Table EHR: Health Center Health Information Technology (HIT) Capabilities

National Data

1,385 Awardees

Line Measures Number of Health centers % of Total
1. Does your center currently have an Electronic Health Record (EHR) system installed and in use?
1a. Yes, installed at all sites and used by all providers 1,361 98.27%
1b. Yes, but only installed at some sites or used by some providers 18 1.30%
Total Health Centers with EHR installed (Sum 1a + 1b) 1,379 99.57%
1c. Health Centers who will install the EHR system in 3 months 0 0.00%
1d. Health Centers who will install the EHR system in 6 months 0 0.00%
1e. Health Centers who will install the EHR system in 1 year or more 2 0.14%
1f. Health Centers who have Not Planned on installing the EHR system 4 0.29%
Total Health Centers with No EHR installed (sum 1c + 1d + 1e + 1f) 6 0.43%
Total Health Centers reported 1,385 100.00%
2. Does your center send prescriptions to the pharmacy electronically? (Do not include faxing.)
a. Yes 1,366 98.63%
b. No 12 0.87%
c. Not Sure 1 0.07%
3. Does your center use computerized, clinical decision support such as alerts for drug allergies, checks for drug-drug interations, reminders for preventive screening tests, or other similar functions?
a. Yes 1,372 99.06%
b. No 7 0.51%
c. Not Sure 0 0.00%
4. With which of the following key providers/health care settings does your center electronically exchange clinical information? (Select all that apply)
a. Hospitals/Emergency rooms 950 68.59%
b. Specialty clinicians 821 59.28%
c. Other primary care providers 652 47.08%
d. None of the above 212 15.31%
e. Others 209 15.09%
5. Does your center engage patients through health IT in any of the following ways? (Select all that apply)
a. Patient portals 1,231 88.88%
b. Kiosks 290 20.94%
c. Secure messaging 928 67.00%
d. Others 102 7.36%
e. No, we do not engage patients using HIT 92 6.64%
7. How do you collect data for UDS clinical reporting (Tables 6B and 7)?
a. We use the EHR to extract automated reports 620 44.77%
b. We use the EHR but only to access individual patient charts 11 0.79%
c. We use the EHR in combination with another data analytic system 745 53.79%
d. We do not use the EHR 3 0.22%
10. How does your health center utilize HIT and EHR data beyond direct patient care? (Select all that apply)
a. Quality improvement 1,367 98.70%
b. Population health management 1,158 83.61%
c. Program evaluation 1,085 78.34%
d. Research 356 25.70%
e. Other 45 3.25%
f. We do not utilize HIT or EHR data beyond direct patient care 8 0.58%
11. Does your health center collect data on individual patients social risk factors, outside of the data reportable in the UDS?
a. Yes 979 70.69%
b. No, but we are in planning stages to collect this information 316 22.82%
c. No, we are not planning to collect this information 90 6.50%
12. Which standardized screener(s) for social risk factors, if any, do you use? (Select all that apply)
a. Accountable Health Communities Screening Tools 91 6.57%
b. Upstream Risks Screening Tool and Guide 12 0.87%
c. iHELP 7 0.51%
d. Recommend Social and Behavioral Domains for EHRs 131 9.46%
e. Protocol for Responding to and Assessing Patients' Assets, Risks, and Experiences (PRAPARE) 478 34.51%
f. Well Child Care, Evaluation, Community Resources, Advocacy Referral, Education (WE CARE) 84 6.06%
g. WellRx 10 0.72%
h. Other 267 19.28%
i. We do not use a standardized screener 526 37.98%


'-' Data cannot be calculated or has been suppressed for confidentiality purposes.

Cells that are shaded blue represent data that was not reported or null values.

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