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Table 9E: Other Revenues

National Look-Alikes Data

108 Awardees

Line Source Amount(a) % Group Total
BPHC Grants (Enter Amount Drawn Down - Consistent with PMS-272)
1a. Migrant Health Center
1b. Community Health Center
1c. Health Care for the Homeless
1e. Public Housing Primary Care
1g. Total Health Center (Sum of Lines 1a through 1e)
1k. Capital Development Grants, including School-Based Health Center Capital Grants
1l. Coronavirus Preparedness and Response Supplemental Appropriations Act (H8C)
1m. Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES) (H8D)
1n. Expanding Capacity for Coronavirus Testing (ECT) (H8E and LAL ECT) $11,649,184 27.84%
1o. American Rescue Plan (H8F) $30,201,223 72.16%
1p. Other COVID-19-Related Funding from BPHC $0 0.00%
1q. Total COVID-19 Supplemental (Sum of Lines 1l through 1p) $41,850,407 100.00%
1. Total BPHC Grants (Sum of Lines 1g + 1k + 1q) $41,850,407 100.00%
Other Federal Grants
2. Ryan White Part C HIV Early Intervention $2,684,541 8.70%
3. Other Federal Grants $16,721,151 54.21%
3a. Medicare and Medicaid EHR Incentive Payments for Eligible Providers $243,068 0.79%
3b. Provider Relief Fund $11,193,692 36.29%
5. Total Other Federal Grants (Sum of Lines 2 through 3b) $30,842,452 100.00%
Non-Federal Grants Or Contracts
6. State Government Grants and Contracts $30,403,501 26.44%
6a. State/Local Indigent Care Programs $1,061,178 0.92%
7. Local Government Grants and Contracts $34,815,124 30.27%
8. Foundation/Private Grants and Contracts $48,718,965 42.36%
9. Total Non-Federal Grants and Contracts (Sum of Lines 6 + 6a + 7 + 8) $114,998,768 100.00%
10. Other Revenue (non-patient service revenue not reported elsewhere) $64,939,484 100.00%
11. Total Revenue (Sum of Lines 1 + 5 + 9 + 10) $252,631,111


'-' Data cannot be calculated or has been suppressed for confidentiality purposes.

Cells that are shaded blue represent data that was not reported or null values.

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