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HRSA Health Resources & Services Administration

Shortage Areas

Some geographic areas, populations, and facilities have too few primary care, dental and mental health providers and services. HRSA works with state partners to determine which of these should be shortage designations, and are therefore eligible to receive certain federal resources.

Data as of 05/20/2022

Explore HPSAs

Below are lists of designated HPSAs that reflect the publication of the Federal Register notice on July 7, 2021. This Federal Register notice reflects the status of HPSAs as of April 30, 2021. The main impact of this Federal Register publication will be to officially withdraw those HPSAs that have been in “proposed for withdrawal” status since the last Federal Register notice was published on June 15, 2020. HPSAs that have been placed in “proposed for withdrawal” status since April 30, 2021, will remain in that status until the publication of the next Federal Register notice. If there are any questions about the status of a particular HPSA or area, we recommend that you contact the state primary care office in your state; a listing can be obtained at the HRSA, Bureau Of Health Workforce (BHW) State Primary Care Offices web page.