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HRSA Health Resources & Services Administration

Federal Register Notice

Below are lists of designated HPSAs that reflect the publication of the Federal Register notice on July 7, 2022. This Federal Register notice reflects the status of HPSAs as of April 29, 2022. The three lists of designated HPSAs linked below represent a snapshot of all geographic areas, population groups, and facilities that were designated HPSAs as of April 29, 2022. This notice incorporates the most recent annual reviews of designated HPSAs and supersedes the HPSA lists published in the Federal Register on July 7, 2021 (Federal Register/Vol. 86, No. 127/Wednesday, July 7, 2021/Notices 35808). Note that HPSA designations that are currently proposed for withdrawal will remain in this status until they are re-evaluated in preparation for the publication of the 2023 HPSA Federal Register Notice. If there are any questions about the status of a particular HPSA or area, we recommend that you contact the state primary care office in your state; a listing can be obtained at the HRSA, Bureau Of Health Workforce (BHW) State Primary Care Offices web page.

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