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Primary Dataset: Scholarships and Loans – NURSE Corps - NURSE Corps Scholar Graduates Serving in Field

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 Facility NameUDS NumberBPHC Assigned NumberProgram NameRegistered Nurse CountRegistered Nurse Total Award AmountAdvanced Practice Registered Nurse CountAdvanced Practice Registered Nurse Total Award AmountAward Fiscal Year
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Data pager
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430 items in 22 pages
Abrazo Central Campus671507[No Data]NURSE Corps Scholarship Program1$49,437.460$0.002015
Advocate South Suburban Hospital306803[No Data]NURSE Corps Scholarship Program1$113,485.310$0.002015
Advocate South Suburban Hospital306803[No Data]NURSE Corps Scholarship Program1$46,107.100$0.002014
Advocate South Suburban Hospital306803[No Data]NURSE Corps Scholarship Program1$31,381.000$0.002016
Advocate Trinity Hospital422265[No Data]NURSE Corps Scholarship Program1$64,554.000$0.002015
Alabama VA Medical Center - Birmingham812981[No Data]NURSE Corps Scholarship Program1$38,760.000$0.002016
Alamance Regional Medical Center339769[No Data]NURSE Corps Scholarship Program2$44,063.950$0.002015
Alaska Native Medical Center - Southcentral Foundation Primary Care Clinic106180BPS-H80-002580NURSE Corps Scholarship Program0$0.001$51,795.462014
Albany Area Primary Health Care, Inc.-East Albany Pediatric and Adolescent Center04415HBPS-H80-001862NURSE Corps Scholarship Program0$0.001$117,137.002016
Albany Area Primary Health Care, Inc.-Mirian Worthy Women's Health Center04415KBPS-H80-007932NURSE Corps Scholarship Program0$0.001$104,317.002016
Alliance Healthcare Services - Crisis Services Contiuum041686C[No Data]NURSE Corps Scholarship Program1$77,940.050$0.002015
Anderson Regional Medical Center868632[No Data]NURSE Corps Scholarship Program0$0.001$32,265.502016
Angel Living Care1039130[No Data]NURSE Corps Scholarship Program1$26,820.000$0.002014
Appalachian Regional Healthcare1007063[No Data]NURSE Corps Scholarship Program1$60,460.990$0.002015
Appalachian Regional Healthcare System - Watauga Medical Center1033670[No Data]NURSE Corps Scholarship Program1$66,040.940$0.002016
Arroyo Vista Family Health Center - Highland Park093160BPS-H80-006724NURSE Corps Scholarship Program0$0.001$184,282.872012
Artic Slope Native Association - Samuel Simmonds Memorial Hospital Outpatient Clinics1019600[No Data]NURSE Corps Scholarship Program1$42,108.920$0.002016
Ascension St. John Hospital - Moross Road301905[No Data]NURSE Corps Scholarship Program1$52,371.500$0.002016
Ashton Memorial - Island Park Medical Clinic - Parttime10264A[No Data]NURSE Corps Scholarship Program0$0.001$93,282.612016
Asian Health Services091030BPS-H80-001620NURSE Corps Scholarship Program0$0.001$119,716.002015


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