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Primary Dataset: Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSAs)

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Data pager
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 HPSA NameHPSA IDDesignation TypeHPSA Discipline ClassHPSA ScorePrimary State AbbreviationHPSA Status
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Data pager
Page Size:
410 items in 21 pages
Jonesboro Mental Health Catchment Area7052641588HPSA PopulationMental Health15ARDesignated
Low Iincome - Indian River County7124275714HPSA PopulationMental Health16FLDesignated
Low Income - Arecibo Area7724225289HPSA PopulationMental Health21PRDesignated
Low Income - Barbour County7548044780HPSA PopulationMental Health14WVDesignated
Low Income - Barbour/Dale/Geneva/Henry/Houston7013185837HPSA PopulationMental Health17ALDesignated
Low Income - Bibb/Pickens/Tuscaloosa - Mental Health Catchment Area 87012107894HPSA PopulationMental Health18ALDesignated
Low Income - Bradford/Sullivan Mental Health Catchment Area7422028483HPSA PopulationMental Health11PADesignated
Low Income - Braxton County7545820234HPSA PopulationMental Health15WVDesignated
Low Income - Brewster County7481673688HPSA PopulationMental Health11TXDesignated
Low Income - Cabell County7548749526HPSA PopulationMental Health17WVDesignated
Low Income - Catchment Area 137403276693HPSA PopulationMental Health18OKDesignated
Low Income - Catchment Area 167404373856HPSA PopulationMental Health15OKDesignated
Low Income - Catchment Area 217408295423HPSA PopulationMental Health17OKDesignated
Low Income - Catchment Area 87399798880HPSA PopulationMental Health13OHDesignated
Low Income - Catchment Area 87404085202HPSA PopulationMental Health15OKDesignated
Low Income - Catchment Area 97406781544HPSA PopulationMental Health16OKDesignated
Low Income - Catchment Area M-57012468151HPSA PopulationMental Health18ALDesignated
Low Income - Central Virginia Service Area7512424527HPSA PopulationMental Health17VADesignated
Low Income - Charlotte County7127906802HPSA PopulationMental Health13FLDesignated
Low Income - Chelsea Everett Revere7258157764HPSA PopulationMental Health16MADesignated


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