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Primary Dataset: Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSAs)

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Data pager
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1,687 items in 85 pages
 HPSA NameHPSA IDDesignation TypeHPSA Discipline ClassHPSA ScorePrimary State AbbreviationHPSA Status
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Data pager
Page Size:
1,687 items in 85 pages
Bennett County6467753988HPSA PopulationDental Health17SDDesignated
East Feliciana Parish6229179687HPSA PopulationDental Health16LADesignated
Homeless - Downtown D.C.6117304057HPSA PopulationDental Health17DCDesignated
Low Income - Abbeville/Greenwood/McCormick Countie6457141989HPSA PopulationDental Health17SCDesignated
Low Income - Accomack/Northampton Counties6511813543HPSA PopulationDental Health19VADesignated
Low Income - Adams County6551380917HPSA PopulationDental Health14WIDesignated
Low Income - Adams County6395612768HPSA PopulationDental Health19OHDesignated
Low Income - Adams County6185194184HPSA PopulationDental Health18INDesignated
Low Income - Adams County6194503568HPSA PopulationDental Health7IADesignated
Low Income - Adams West6086389673HPSA PopulationDental Health12CODesignated
Low Income - Aiken County6457793300HPSA PopulationDental Health13SCDesignated
Low Income - Alachua County6126067000HPSA PopulationDental Health18FLDesignated
Low Income - Alafaya6127521910HPSA PopulationDental Health16FLDesignated
Low Income - Alamance County6372178566HPSA PopulationDental Health13NCDesignated
Low Income - Albany County6566668812HPSA PopulationDental Health17WYDesignated
Low Income - Albany Park6177561495HPSA PopulationDental Health2ILDesignated
Low Income - Alcorn County6288292817HPSA PopulationDental Health19MSDesignated
Low Income - Allamakee6195302466HPSA PopulationDental Health11IADesignated
Low Income - Alleghany County6377356345HPSA PopulationDental Health19NCDesignated
Low Income - Alleghany County/Covington City6519826965HPSA PopulationDental Health17VADesignated


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