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Primary Dataset: Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSAs)

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Data pager
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1,612 items in 81 pages
 HPSA NameHPSA IDDesignation TypeHPSA Discipline ClassHPSA ScorePrimary State AbbreviationHPSA Status
Data pager
Data pager
Page Size:
1,612 items in 81 pages
Apache Junction1049506387HPSA PopulationPrimary Care12AZDesignated
Dekalb and Andrew Counties1298528693HPSA PopulationPrimary Care15MODesignated
Gassville Service Area1054100064HPSA PopulationPrimary Care11ARDesignated
Homeless - Downtown Washington1119023273HPSA PopulationPrimary Care14DCDesignated
Homeless-Portland1234550711HPSA PopulationPrimary Care9MEDesignated
Lawrence County1466198899HPSA PopulationPrimary Care16SDDesignated
Low Income - Adair County1406041593HPSA PopulationPrimary Care15OKDesignated
Low Income - Adair/Russell Counties1215611597HPSA PopulationPrimary Care11KYDesignated
Low Income - Adams County1193364695HPSA PopulationPrimary Care11IADesignated
Low Income - Adams County1283129412HPSA PopulationPrimary Care21MSDesignated
Low Income - Adams/Northwest Valley1169759100HPSA PopulationPrimary Care15IDDesignated
Low Income - Adrian-Morenci Service Area1266755937HPSA PopulationPrimary Care16MIDesignated
Low Income - Afton1568019248HPSA PopulationPrimary Care14WYDesignated
Low Income - Aguada/Aguadilla/Isabel/Moca/Rincon M1723993598HPSA PopulationPrimary Care16PRDesignated
Low Income - Albion City Service Area1264275754HPSA PopulationPrimary Care15MIDesignated
Low Income - Alcorn County1287120805HPSA PopulationPrimary Care20MSDesignated
Low Income - Alger County1262920022HPSA PopulationPrimary Care14MIDesignated
Low Income - Alleghany County1376406826HPSA PopulationPrimary Care15NCDesignated
Low Income - Alton/Wood River/Godfrey1172636799HPSA PopulationPrimary Care13ILDesignated
Low Income - Anasco/Las Marias/Maricao/Mayaguez/San1727050130HPSA PopulationPrimary Care17PRDesignated


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