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HRSA Health Resources & Services Administration

Area Health Resources Files

The Area Health Resources Files (AHRF) include data on Health Care Professions, Health Facilities, Population Characteristics, Economics, Health Professions Training, Hospital Utilization, Hospital Expenditures, and Environment at the county, state and national levels, from over 50 data sources. Learn How to Use This Tool

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Data as of 07/31/2021
AHRF Release Year
The AHRF is released annually by the Bureau of Health Workforce. The AHRF release year corresponds to the fiscal year (October 1 to September 30) the data was published. In each release, the data source years i... More
M.D. (County Level File) - All M.D.
Includes M.D. with active or inactive status, classified or not classified status, and employed by federal government or non-federal industry. Inactive Status includes physicians who are retired, semiretired, w... More
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